“To ME, ok? To me.”

Please watch this Interview with BRUCE LEE

Noodlez56: hey tim
ME: what u doing noodle
ME: s
Noodlez56: o
Noodlez56: im writing this letter to my future wife.
Noodlez56: (its for Bible class)
ME: what is this
ME: is this for school!?
Noodlez56: yeah
Noodlez56: its sooooooooo hard
ME: what do you have to write to your wife
Noodlez56: about my personal preparation for our life togeter, my expectations, my commitment to her now, when we meet and throughout marriage.

(He’s in 9th grade).

Does anyone else think that relationships is more commitment and preparation than emotion?
So at my college group people joke a lot about “boy X” likes “girl Y.” Someone chortled about this once, so I straight up said “getting into a relationship is about commitment, not feelings.” Take that with a grain of salt, folks. I’m not that weird. And you don’t have to agree with me :]

Lot’s of people have strange issues with the idea of commitment vs. “likes.” When I was reading about betrothal stuff, I asked lots of random people what they thought about it. People responded with things like “Well, you need to LIKE the person first.” Then I got to thinking, if someone actually made the cut character and commitment wise (and was good looking), what’s not to like!? I mean, what extreme circumstance would cause a person to pledge to commit to someone they DON’T LIKE. So yeah you “like” the person in one way, but it’s more of liking the person as a person. I’m just saying it’s not based on the type of like that Beyonce and Usher sings about (the “loves got me crazy in love” type).

It sounds so serious. Relationships should be serious. Why is this commitment stuff so important?… Because feelings change. For example, you could love your roommate Alfoni one week (“look, Johannes, I bought you raviolli”), but the next totally despise him because he uses your silk pillowcase as a bib, and leaves cheeto stains all over it. Maybe the last straw is when he laughs at and insults you in Italian for eating a Tombstone pizza.

Ok, that’s not the best example because you shouldn’t get into a relationship to begin with if you were totally not compatible. Basically I’m just going on how relationship should be approached with lots of commitment, realizing that there are high stakes invovled (you emotional wellness)! Hopefully, I’m not oversimplifying too much.

I took the plunge and purchased Fruity Loops 6. Free updates for life. Although it’s less powerful than Reason, It’s more effecient for making beats on the fly (programming in reason takes a lot longer). Plus for $50 US with updates it’s quite a deal. Reason in about $200 for an academic liscence version.


no complaints.


4 Responses to ““To ME, ok? To me.””

  1. 1 littlerichard March 24, 2006 at 9:28 am

    uR lYfE sUx. rAnDoM pRoPs~

    By the way, I find that sometimes, staying in “like” with someone is a committment issue in and of itself.

  2. 2 jay z March 26, 2006 at 1:24 am

    I sure do hope by “commitment” and “relationships”, you mean marriage. 🙂 After all, what sort of super-serious commitment are you expecting from dating?

  3. 3 ctim March 26, 2006 at 6:49 am

    Dating and marriage. There should be some commitment in dating.

  4. 4 Rona!!! March 26, 2006 at 7:14 am

    wow Tim….i never knew that guys even thought about relationships in such details…wow….woooowwww.
    didn’t know you guys cared about it soooo much. haha, but then, i have issues. but i’m glad Tim. your future girlfriend /wife will be happy and very blessed to have you as her other half. *sniffles* awww………….

    SO HOW”S GYM!?!!!????!?! *nudge nudge*

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