Day 1, and the Gym

Today was the first day of school. I made my lunch and dinner, packed it up, and then went to school to practice and attend class. That was normal, except I practiced too many hours of Faure and barely anything of my concerto, which I HAVE TO HAVE TO FINISH (my goal is to finish the Faure sonata and Saint Seans Concerto by the end of the quarter). I don’t know if I can.

So we lost our championship game today. It was so painful to watch in Pauley. I don’t know much about basketball, but it was painful to watch. I called Wesley and said we lost. He said “Of course we lost.” Well good job anyways to our UCLA team.

Here is a small little post of “gym culture.” Now generally I think that when strangers work out together at the gym, its part of the gym culture to “Be friends” with other gym guys. Some people do this. This includes being helpful and friendly to other members of your gym (smiling, working in, helping spot, helping complete a rep). These are the people who strike up conversation with other random buff people at the gym. That’s good gym culture. Well, let me tell you, I find if very disturbing when people are cold and mean to their fellow gym-goers. Once I had the most terrible spotter who after nearly letting the bar crush me ran away after getting the bar racked. That is not good at all. Sometimes there are these awesome nice black guys who will talk to you and help you complete a rep, even when you didn’t ask for it (like “c’mon man, you got one more in there”). That is very good; so be like that, friends. Help random people.

(Guess who I saw at the gym today… LEENA AND VIVIAN!!! Go GOC! A true breakthrogh.)


2 Responses to “Day 1, and the Gym”

  1. 1 Ricky Chao April 5, 2006 at 12:20 am

    Yea dude, weightlifting can be an extremely dangerous sport, that stuff ain’t cool.

    Sorry about the loss.

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