Volley Ball

I am so sunburned from the volleyball tourney yesterday. My face feels pain… Week one is over, week two is about to start. So crazy already. Goodness Gracious.

hey dudes. Got some kool gear so heres an early product:
32 second sample.

So I have an idea for a childrens book. Not that I’m considering writing childrens books, but this is my idea (don’t steal). It’s about a farm full of talking animals that do stuff and learn life lessons like sharing, patience, dicipline, and hard work. Maybe even racism. Like this:

Paul Porker was a happy, pink, pig on Peppermint farm. Everyone at the farm liked to call him “pinky,”‘ but to Paul, that would not do.

Paul Porker didn’t even think he looked very pink. In fact, young Porker was a light bronze color. Why did his friends call him “pinky”? Well, one day Paul Porker decided to ask his friends and find out.

Paul walked to the pond to ask Dorothy the Ducky. “Oh Dodo?” said Paul. “I have a question to ask you!” Dorothy the duck bobbed out of the water. “Quack, yes? Dorothy here.” Porker looked at his feet and asked, “Dorothy, why do the animals at the farm call me ‘pinky’?”
“Well, Paul Porker,” the duck began, “that’s a VERY good question.” I think it has to do with your very pink tounge, but why don’t you ask the Frank the forrest fox? He’s a lot smarter than me.”

Porker walked for a while until he came to the Minty Leaves forrest (adjacent to Peppermint farm). “Frank? Are you there?” Porker heard some rustling in the bushes. It made him nervous.
“Shh!” It was Frank. “Be quiet! I’m sneaking and snooking and busy being an enigma!” Porker nodded his head. He moved close to Frank and spoke into his ear. “Um, Frank,” he whispered, “why do the animals at the farm call me ‘pinky’?” Frank curled his nose in disgust. “Why are you wasting my time with some impudent, impuslive, inquires?! Go ask the Ben the beggar!” And with that, Frank ran off to do more sneaking, snooking, and being an enimga.

Porker didn’t like Ben the beggar. He was more stinky than all the farm animals. Anyways, Paul was so bored with nothing better to do, so he headed down Boogie Bear Road to where Ben liked to hang out. Ben liked to play slide guitar to all the young kids going to the Big Bottom Bar. Sometimes they would give him change and soda bottle caps. After a short walk, Paul Porker found Ben sitting on a bucket, playing slide guitar as usual.

“Hey Ben, got a question for you,” said Paul. “Ohhh lade da de go aheead young piggy wiggy…” (Ben the Beggar was singing). “The pig oinks and he boinks and rolls in the figgy,” he crooned. “Well, ok. Good. So Ben I have questions about things the farm animals are saying about me.” Ben didn’t seem to be listening. At least it didn’t seem like it. “Any pig oinks and falls over and rolls in the the grill, but the tastiest piggies come from peppermints hill.” Ben continued singing. “This is hopeless,” Paul Porker said. “I’m going home.”

As paul was returning to his pig pen, he noticed that all the farm animals were waiting for him at the Peppermint Farm Main Gate. “What’s this?” Porker asked himself. As he got closer, Henry the Horsie spoke first. “Heyyy Porker, we heard the news.”
“What news?”
“Welll, the news that you don’t like being called ‘pinkers'” Henry neighed.
“‘Pinky,’ not ‘Pinkers,'” corrected Rat, the farm rat.
“Yeah, all you had to do was tell us you don’t like being called that.”
“SORRY” said the gang.
“Thanks, I want to go home.”

and I want to sleep. that was interesting.
good night


4 Responses to “Volley Ball”

  1. 1 Rona!!! April 10, 2006 at 5:54 am


  2. 2 wesley April 12, 2006 at 4:13 am

    this is quite a good story, very pro. although im not sure if little kids would know such words like imprudent or enigma. BUt i love the story, the ending seems a bit cut short. great story nonetheless

  3. 3 jkua April 12, 2006 at 4:44 pm

    Dude – I want to hear the whole thing if/when it’s done. Sounds good!

  4. 4 roebaeka April 15, 2006 at 6:39 pm

    haha nice =) thats soo kool.. you should write children books for a profession..

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