Just Jamba Juice and Regan etc.

I saw Milla Jovovich at Jamba Juice today in Beverly Hills. My friend pointed her out, and I didn’t know who she was (or really cared. I was waiting for my peenya kowlada) so I kept staring at her. She left and we got our juice, and my friend Joyce asks the JJ worker if that was really Milla. They said it was.

During break from Debut we tried to go to “Sprinkles,” which is some posh Cupcake store, but it was closed (Sunday). Maybe they’re Christian so they’re not opened Sundays? Speaking of Christian, the girl who played Bruch today pulled a Barry Bond’s “thanks God” finger-point-to-the-sky type of move after her performance. I think she is Christian.

Speaking of Debut my friend Yohei has very strange possesions. He’s from Japan and he’s 25. “What’s that?!” I asked him. It was a small canvas pencil bag with two naked men jumping and dancing with kanji all over the bag. “I like these kinds of things,” he said passivly.
“No, what IS that? What does it say?” I said.
Joyce said “It looks like they’re two gay guys dancing.”
“No, they’re twins,” Yohei said.
“What does it say?”
“It’s nonsense. They’re singing.”
What’s even funnier is that Yohei one of the most calm, nonchalant guys I know.

So after playing the normal conert at the Ebell theatre (beethove 7th, bruch violin concerto, debussy afternoon of the faun), we went to BH to play some concert for Nancy Regan. Kirk Douglas was there. I was amazed at how old he is. Some actor named Rob Lowe was there. I don’t know who that is.


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