Life is more than a cereal

It’s being happy.
being sad.
being hungry.
being full.
being tired.
being full of energy.
cleaing the bathroom.
listeing to music

I just finished cutting DK’s hair and cleaning the bathroom. Now I think I’ll study theory. But first, an update of…
the moment: listening to some weird korean music (“gaby”). Some male singer… A CD one of my violin TA gave me (she’s Korean). It’s so fobby. Also I think I’m taking after Andrew my roommate in that I’m chilling shirtless at the computer. Comfy.

Day: I woke up and went to SMB to practice… did my Kreutzer, Saint Seans II and III mvt a bit, my brother picked me up and we went to the Vista (great theatre) to watch “Poseidon.” It had good effects, pretty intense action, and a flat and unrealistic story. Oh i got to see some of my friends playing Trumpet/Sax/Guitar in the band in the movie. Totally ordinary looking people playing music in a movie, their faces looked out of place but maybe it’s because I know them. After Poseidon I went back to SMB and went to Woiczeck’s recital and practiced more Saint Seans, then I went home and did stuff.

Week: Quite strange and unpleasant. Except for watching a movie, and eating food at recitals I went to/played for. Also: Jesse bringing food to my apartment for no reason.

Month: played for violin class. Midterm on weird music. Stuff.

Almost 11pm. Time to study theory.

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2 Responses to “Life is more than a cereal”

  1. 1 Kevin S. May 14, 2006 at 6:16 am

    How was Poseidon? From the previews, it looked like a Titanic rip-off, minus the love story. I guess it’s an unwritten rule that every summer must have at least one disaster film. Last year, we had “The Day After Tomorrow.”

  2. 2 jkua May 15, 2006 at 12:01 am

    mmm… creme brulee…

    Get those astronauts of the caramelized goodness and get me a spoon!

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