goofy little ditty.

Out of random curiousity I decided to read my brother's old online journal. The first entry I read was from January 2003 and contained this good conversation…:

DAD (talking about abortion): That’s bullshit!

TIM: Dad, that word is not allowed in our home.

DAD: That’s what it is.

TIM: Bad language.

DAD: What’s wrong with bullshit?

TIM: Profane language.

DAD: There’s nothing wrong with bull. There’s nothing wrong with shit.

TIM (goes into bathroom): …mumble…

DAD (minutes later): I can’t think of any other word for it. Can you, Jon?

ME: Nope.

TIM: Hogwash.

DAD: That’s the same thing has hogshit, basically.

ME: Hahaha!

TIM: Cow pie.

DAD: Hmm. Cow pie. Yeah…

ME: But that’s not the same thing!

Even now, the "s-" word is basically acceptable in the Yip household. But don't come over just to try it out or something…


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