Strange Times Roll

I always find the worst times to update my wordpress. I have an essay to write, and laundry to retrive. Oh Goodness C. Gracious.

Today we had a BBQ at my violin teachers house (my new one, he’s mega cool). He is Swiss, and speaks Chinese to his dog because his wife is Chinese. Quite interesting really. He lives with his wife in this small house which is actually very nice. On the ride back I was having a little chat with my fellow violinists, and I discovered that my old violin teacher (the one I don’t like from last quarter, who is not cool) had a test tube baby!! Yes, indeed, her baby is a few months old now, and I thought it was from her boyfriend or something… but no. She made a decision for her child to grow up with no father. Isn’t that disturbing?

Also, GOC banquet was yesterday. It was quite good. Matt Ho used some intense volume formula to solve this guessing game for the amount of jolly rangers in a spheric jar. His answer was within 10 or 15 pieces I think. I must wrap things up because I have work to do. Anyways, the entire ordeal of banquet was exceptionally encouraging and great, and it was nice to see that the sophomore class has grown. We’ve cooled down considerably.

Praise to Jesus Christ.


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