Aria Camp

Hi, I’m in Indiana, at BSU. This is a nice school with a great music building. I don’t know how the music program is, but the building is nicer that ucla, usc, sfc, stanford. Ball state writes in all its brochures and stuff that it’s a “21 million-dollar state-of-the-art facitlity.” Every practice room and studio is wired to record from a main recording studio, and they have nice performance and recital halls. It makes UCLA’s Schoenberg look like a crack house (and SMB is not that bad… wait, is it? The practice rooms are stinky… ruh oh, in light of BSU I’m starting to question our school’s quality). The dorm rooms are big too. Somehow they got the $. Oh, and this school is tiny and in the middle of nowhere. .

This would be a great school if you wanted to learn music technology (studio recording and related studies, basically). The facility and gear is all only a year old and really techy. The only problem is that your in Indiana… not sure what kind of random music scene goes on here. This is so weird, because UCLA has no music tech degree, and everyone in LA wants to record! All we need is $21 million dollars… Anywho, so we were passing through the recording studio (amazing and nice, of course), and on the ground of one of the recording rooms was a crybaby and a vox pedal. this one. I forgot the name but I think its the “tonepump.” They don’t make these anymore because Vox started a new line of pedals (big ben? bulldog?). Anyhow a secret is that the pathfinder and cambridge? (maybe) uses the same OD circuitry as the tonepump. So you could, in theory, buy a pathfinder for cheap, and run it as a slave in front of your normal amp as and OD (heh), or just use it as a practice amp cuz they’re small and cool.

Anyhow, more on this camp: basically I have nothing to do except go to a violin lesson/masterclass and practice all day long. Well I mean I can use the computer, eat, and go to the gym, but that’s about it. There is no surrounding city/big town nearby except a mall (which the tour person said is pathetic) and a student union (which they said was also pretty bad) and a Wallmart.

Edit: oh goodness me, its hailing ouside. Now it’s raining. Just half an hour ago it was sunny. I don’t undertand Midwest weather (or LA weather).


2 Responses to “Aria Camp”

  1. 1 Rona June 19, 2006 at 4:38 pm

    Is that song ready yet Tim?

  2. 2 jkua June 19, 2006 at 6:57 pm

    Hey – Letterman went there! But he’s boring, and entirely unfunny. But he’s got his own TV show!

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