So I wrote a very negative post…

Where I critisized all the players in today’s masterclass… but that didn’t save correctly. I figure God sovereignly arranged that so I wouldn’t be such a critical and grumpy old man. So I am going to write a POSITIVE (that’s right, “+”), a positive post on a violin player that I heard today!

I almost forgot her name, but remembered. KATY (or “katie”? eh whatever) played Bruch violin concerto no. 1. Katy is 17 year old from some desolate farm on the border of Washinton and Canada. She watches no TV (she has one but gets no reception). She says she can see the border from her house. Anyways, Katy one of those random people who can retort every one of my random comments with a legitimate response equally random.
She was last so didn’t have a lot of time to play (note to all, never play in a masterclass last. Your hands are cold and the teacher never has time to let you play enough. So you sound like crap). She fumbled a lot and messed up,… a LOT. And she had it memorized…

So generally people screw up a lot under pressure, especially if you are playing in front of other musicians, a new teacher, and if you are YOUNG. You don’t get many chances to play in front of people in high school (most teachers have maybe 1 or 2 recitals a year!!!). So yeah, she knew the piece but it came out pretty bad.

But want to know something that I appreciate? Her playing actually had some energy and VERVE. People had played Tchaik, Pagannini concerto, Wieniawski (he sucked though) and it all was so boring!! Then this girl Katy screws up Bruch and I’m still impressed.

I’m impressed because I can identify with her playing (I used to play just like that). I used to thing that passionate playing was some magical experiance that tanscends all other aspects of playing. Then I went to college and realized how much I sucked. I was told to stop this and that (and I fixed a lot of things that were messed up). I didn’t mention, all the boring players before her were in college? I think the college experiance definately kills a lot of passion in many young people.

That doesn’t mean I’ve lost any passion. I just have to express it in a more organized and precise way to be effective. Just like writing an essay: you have to be clear and organized to be persuasive… I mean, it can be done by barfing all over you paper, but that’s unusual.

So yeah, I liked her playing.


2 Responses to “So I wrote a very negative post…”

  1. 1 whitedestiny June 22, 2006 at 8:57 pm

    *CLAP CLAP CLAP* *pat pat* i’m proud of you Tim. hahaha.

  2. 2 ellen June 24, 2006 at 11:59 pm

    that’s a very interesting observation. i can definitely see where focusing almost soley on technique could hinder musicality. but also, i think it’s more about the teacher and the outlook on life (and music) than the actual college experience…

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