Why Me Sweetie

I just watched this Cantonese movie called “why me sweetie.” You can watch in on youtube, divided in parts and an outake/credit part (“my sweetie NG”). It’s the same setup as “50 first dates,” except in this movie the guy has short term memory loss (I think this was first though).

The two main actors are really weird and funny to watch.

Cherrie Ying, Louis Koo, and some other dude (from a different movie)

They’re also in Rob-B-Hood with Jackie Chan.


1 Response to “Why Me Sweetie”

  1. 1 whitedestiny June 28, 2006 at 6:01 pm

    dude, that guy in the middle is SOOO DARRRKKK. i was watching this movie with him in it in china, and i thought they painted him in like brown oil or something, coz his skin was soooo freakin dark and shiny.

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