“The Promise” movie

I know you’re surprised, there’s a picture of some hot Asian girl on my blog. As you can see, God has created her with a perfectly proportioned face.

Cecilia Cheung, 26 yoa, plays a girl who makes a pact with a goddess so she won’t starve and that she’ll be admired. There’s a catch though… I won’t spoil it.

I saw this movie that she’s in called “The Lion’s Roar” with Louis Koo. Heck oh funny. I’m assuming she is a very popular Chinese actor because she has been in 3 or 4 movies in the past few years. I think she’s better in comedic roles:

…in Shaolin Soccer.

Jang Dong Gun, the face on the poster. this guy was also in Tae Guk Gi. He speaks Chinese in the Promise movie. He plays a slave… his face and demeanor really are slavishly convincing. His character is awesome in the film.

Hiroyuki sanada, dude from The Last Samurai. Speaks Chinese in this movie. He’s a jerk in this movie. Not so cool, but he’s a pretty good actor.

Nicholas Tse. Also 26. He’s a bad guy who is ultra slick. He has corn rows in a part of the movie. He’s the guy in New Police Story.

So this movie was pretty cool and was awesome visually. I don’t say it’s the greatest movie ever, because it would have been perfect if they cut out 30 seconds of a stupid sex scene. Every “dramatic” Chinese film always has a sex scene that happens for no good reason. I think it’s the film people catering to pervs. See, now I can’t recommend it to all my young amigos.

Anyhow, some wikipedia quotes:

“While under the holds of TWC, they trimmed down 19 minutes of scenes and renamed it Master of the Crimson Armor. Eventually, it was released on May 5, 2006 as The Promise.”

(oh goodness, “Master of the Crimson Armor,” Snicker).

“The budget was rumored to be 282~340 million CNY ($35~42 mil. USD), surpassing the cost of Hero. [2]”

(I wonder if it’ll make it back. Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t like this movie. A lot of reviewers didn’t like the effects, but I thought the effects were great! There are quite a few amazing flight sequences and fight choreography.)

I like watching these Chinese movies because they’re fun and it also helps me hear/learn Chinese. I can listen and then look to the subs for help and translation.


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