So since I got back from Indiana, my wordpress has been filled with goofy material that usually is reserved for my “special” blog. My special blog has become a gallery of youtube videos and humour photos… what happened to all my rants and cool posts? I think it because of you guys. You pushed me over the edge, and made me think my rants were bad… Well I’m telling you, they were so good!!!! I am too accepting now.

So my wordpress needs some actual attention, instead of me treating it as a dump to show off funny pictures I see on the web. Like even at this moment, I have great pictures I could post up but I’m restraining myself…

So let me tell you my thoughts on church. It is really cool being back, because it seems like I didn’t REALLY leave, or the time I was at school now seems like a vauge blur. Some strange things are seeing los poco chicos mas alto. Pardon mi espanol. Ich bin “bad at Spanish.” Yeah, like the boy twins are taller than me, and instead of running around the building like little munchkins doing hat-dances, they hunch and waddle around like gumby. Then of course there are the kids that seem like they didn’t change very much at all… most people dress the same and talk the same. Also with the new middle schooler coming in-some of them I remember as babies! I was talking to Joshua Liu’s brother who’s going to 6th grade, and he sounded like a fully functional human being! I was amazed.

Being “old” at church, I something I have the tendency to make rude jokes or observations. I guess I am less inhibited around young people. For example, I’ll say “What’s with your shirt, the sleeves are so short,” or “What’s this for??,” and “Are you guys trying to be ‘cool’ or something?” and “Are you ’08? No? You’r ’09? *points finger* Heh heh heh heh!” I know I mock people, but I’m working on it. I also like to tell them to say hi to new people.

“Hey, say hi to that girl in pink. No one’s talking to her.”
“Umm, huh-“
“It’s weird if I do it becaue I’m too old.’
“… ok.”

I like when people listen to me :]

Another adjustment is the English youth service. I can see why so many kids don’t bring Bibles, because we never have to use them. Good grief! The text is projected on a screen, and when it’s read, it’s usually over gone over once or twice. Also, I’m very used to Grace Church’s dress code. This morning before church, I almost wore these cool 70’s retro, dress-stuffs I found in my closet. Then when I thought about it, I realized that it would seem really odd, and maybe even draw attention to myself, so I just wore jeans and a regular short sleeve shirt. Sure enough when I went to church, everyone was dressed up like… regular students in middle school and high school (and regular adults too).

What I found very encouraging was seeing people who were friendless when they were new to the English congregation now have friends.

Dirty diapers! Gotta practice.


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