I’m a Goofy Goober!

So if high school Tim Yip saw me now he would totally kill me. I have elapsed into total nerdiness… like the Dungeons and Dragons club on the cartoon “Recess.” The pasty nerds who stay indoors role-playing instead of playing outside with Spinelly, Gus, the black sporty kid, and the Macdonald boy. I’m playing text games where you cast magic spells, rest, eat food, drink water, and do battle… this has reached nerd levels beyond my imagination. Not to hate on all the nerds out there, I must agree, this is an extremely stimulating form of entertainment. Additionally, I think people should be multi-faceted, and able to associate and relate to all sorts of different people. So… basically I’m saying text-based gaming has opened an interesting “world” for me.

Anyhow, besides the chores and text-gaming, I have been teaching a few students because Byung is on vacation. Basically, moms who are trying to push their children call me to tutor their kids in violin. Now I will admit I am a dorky guy, if you know me from church or school you know I’m a goofy goober (see also here)
But when I teach these students I think I’m pretty good, and my strange qualities don’t bleed through. I used to be a very mean (kinda rude) teacher but I’ve found ways to improve. For example, I have stopped interrupting students while they are playing something for me. I just let them play shorter sections, and if they make mistakes, I simply make a mental note or jot it down on paper. Then when they finish I can back up, identify the problem, and teach them how to practice the problem themselves. Patience and a calm demeanor is key. I think this way is more respectful and actually more effective then stopping (sometimes). So if a students plays a lot of notes out of tune, maybe I’ll mark the notes that are really bad, and then show him how to practice so that it will be in tune. If I yell at him for all the wrong notes he’ll try harder (so it might be more in tune), but may not remember all the out of tune notes… basically he’ll probably think “Oh no, out of tune… c’mon be in tune!!” So I used to interupt, but not anymore.

Also I like making funny analogies. Here’s a good one. I was explaining to a student a method of focused practice by limiting your tries for a mistake. “Try three times,” I said, “and it has to be correct by the third time.” I explained that “If for example your playing a video game and have unlimited lives, you won’t have and worries or pressure to perform your best. Similarly, you will focus and try harder if you limit yourself.” By they way, I’m curious to see people use this 3-5 tries thing for other tasks… so try it out and tell me how it works.

Oh, and I like seeing people at ROL.


2 Responses to “I’m a Goofy Goober!”

  1. 2 Rona July 29, 2006 at 6:29 am

    finally, someone who appreciates spongebob. go Tim. *pat pat*

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