The Mall, Abercrombie et al

Today my dad came home and gave me a sponge he bought at the hardware store. He said to use scissors and make a pad for my chinrest. Anyways, after a few tries, I made a pretty good little pad like a strad pad . A sponge is only $1.50. And to think of all the dollars wasted buying all those strad pads over the years.

OK. I have nothing good to blog about besides my nerd called life. How about a weird post about how cool I am. Seriously, I am so cool, that when I tell people about the cool stuff I do, they don’t believe me! It’s true, talk to all my friends. You’ll find that they don’t believe me.

So recently we’ve been painting some things in the house. We remodeled this past year, but some parts of the house have been replaced (counters, mirrors, etc) and there are a lot of spaces where there is no paint where there should be paint. Here is an example. In one of the bathrooms, a shower wall was removed, and where the wall connected to the ceiling, there is now smoothed over plaster. Because of that weird patch, the ceiling needs to be painted. So my job as of late has been to figure out what needs to be done to make this happen. I have intense sessions where I sand things and sneeze. That’s right baby, I’m cool.

Also, I’ve realized that I am just way too COOL for the mall. I feel dirty there, maybe because I worked at Oakridge, or maybe because I’m surrounded by all this material stuff and material people who seem to all dress very similarly… Ok, anyways, speaking of the mall, has anyone besides me seen pictures of the owner of A&F?

First, click the link and read that short article. I’m not a girl, but I think that man is pretty ugly. I mean, God creates everyone different, of course, and I think he created that guy pretty ugly. The Lord’s choice. But read what he says. The “A&F” guy is beautiful, cool, optimistic, masculine… not cynical or moody… “best of what America has to offer”?


So folks, don’t let strange ideas float in the back of your head about “cool” and “beautiful” being associated with those “cool” clothes. Look at the owner: he has all the cool clothes in the world and if you think he looks cool you’re really weird. Additionally, If you want to spend on such goodies, think of all the people you can help or encourage instead. Eh eh?

So I actually went to A&F this past week. I went to VF for some flip flops (I lost my GAP pair!!!!) and got some from Amercian Eagle for like $3 (yarhoo, I likes that store). So yeah a positive thing about the Abercrombie store was that they have these cool metal buckets where they display flip-flops. I thought that was very cool. A particularly UNCOOL things was in the main entrance there is a pictures of a shirtless hunk with his pants unzipped. Twas going “commando” too. Also, inside the store there’s a picture of a woman (shirtless) with her hands over her chest. So I am pretty flexible (usually), and indeed, at first glance of the unzipped man I was kind of weirded out but brushed it off with a joke to my friend. In retrospect, I think it really is shameful. That really is immodest and innapropraite by God’s standard. Whatever A&F is trying to stand for or represent about the American cool guys and girls doesn’t seem healthy.

Should Christians support and buy their goods?

KOHL’s, baby.


5 Responses to “The Mall, Abercrombie et al”

  1. 1 riva July 31, 2006 at 7:10 am

    So you’re unmaterialistic, but going to judge the owner of a clothing company for not being good-looking enough for you?

  2. 2 ctim July 31, 2006 at 7:17 am

    Yes… I’m not sure how the two are related. Also, I’m not totally unmaterialistic, I don’t think anyone is. I hope to become more unmaterialistic though.

  3. 3 littlerichard July 31, 2006 at 5:27 pm

    i have longjohns from a&f thei fit well n thei r kooL

  4. 4 Rona August 1, 2006 at 4:50 am

    hey tim….i really like that duck thing that’s doing the bouncin seeking thing. hey…we don’t ever talk online anymore. =cries= i guess clonetim has found better chatting friends.

  5. 5 kevinsung August 3, 2006 at 4:17 am

    That and the lack of ethnic minorities.

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