Understanding Vanity

I heard a sermon in the car my Ed Young and he was talking about self-image (or something… probably marriage related). He said, to find out if you are not satisfied with your self-image, ask yourself: If there was something I could change about ME, what would it be?
If you could magically reshape yourself in your mom’s womb, what would you change? And I’m not talking about an answer like “I want to make myself less vain.”

Generally, people desire physical changes to make themselves more beautiful… as opposed to a desire to be more patient, kind, loving, and all that “inner beauty” stuff.
On top of the way your body looks and the shape of your face, there’s the whole image and clothes thing people have to deal with. The majority of kids today are just trying to fit in. Sometimes even “not fitting in” is still fitting in… I hope you know what I mean. Sculpting the “right image” with clothes, money, adjustment of demeanor-it’s a big deal in school. Dude, I tell Andrew all the time I used to be “cool” in high school, but somehow I’ve changed into, to be succinct, a total goofy goober. Well you know what, I actually can freely say that that I am way WAY cooler now, because half the stuff I did in high school was pretty fake and me just trying to fit into a mold I thought was cool.

So back to vanity. Maybe you’re not as ugly as you think. People magnify in their mind their physical flaws. “…before concluding that you are an ugly duckling, ask yourself to what extent your physical flaws are real-or imagined.” Think about this one… How many people are actually ferociously bad looking? You may think your ears aren’t the right shape, or maybe that your nose isn’t pointy and awesome, but really… who really, honestly cares (besides you)?

For example, plenty of girls and women complain about being too short. For those of you who can relate, I can see that it is difficult and frustrating (especially if people call you “little,” Hey it happened to me). Did you know that the average woman’s height is not very tall? But of course the average height of a super model is very tall, like only a few inches short of 6 ft. Let me assure you that whatever height you are, even if you are below five-five or whatever the average, is the best height for you.

Very rarely do I think girls are physically “ugly” (and all my friends know what a critical guy I am). It’s girls whose act like skanks, are dirty, annoying, mean, and walk and dress funny that bug the snap out of me. Do you ever here people go “dude that girl is so freakin’ ugly,” referring to a very nice girl? Not really, right, because nice girls who have a healthy self-image are attractive even if they’re not bombshell-goodbody-hot (that’s Rona’s way of putting it).

I think it comes down to knowing that God made you the way you are according to his design. It is fine to dress attractively and fine to be in shape, however there are certain unchagable features God made that make you YOU. You look the best looking the way you are. Good to know, right?


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