OK, no dumb videos. It’s coming to the point where my friends friend is ready to disown me, so I have to cut down… boo hoo hoo. Please be my friend, no more videos (for a while), I promise :[

Instead, I’ll talk about other stuff. Like FAMILY, and the worth of family. I was chatting with my friend Louie, who has two very little sisters, and thought up at great way for people to associate “family” with “value.”

So at home, if I ever mention some rich person, or something to do with extreme wealth, my dad always says something like “They’re probably not happy. Your relationship with your siblings is far more valuable.” Seriously, my dad has said this like a hundred times in response to conversations about Paris Hilton, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and whatever.

That is where this wonderful tool I’m about to tell you derived from. So you know you don’t value your siblings and parents enough… how can you help yourself? By placing a dollar amount on your family member (“ka-ching$!”). Basically, it’s taking the words of Dr. Yip, and adding $$ into the equation.

Each sibling can be valued at about 2 billion dollars, while each parent is valued at 3 billion. This will help you value your family a lot more.

So this family has a combined value of “12 billion dollars” (just like my family)

Here is an example. Say your little brother keeps talking to you about something, or is complaining about something… basically being an annoying little boy. If you valued him at only a few cents, of course you would just brush him off like a spot of dirt. But what if you are dealing instead with a 2 billion dollar investment? It would be different.

Or say your little sister has colored all over your favorite shirt. It’s totally destroyed, and has smiley faces drawn all over it. How embarrassing. You’ll be mocked and shamed by all your cool friends who are gorgeous and popular. So before seeking to exact sweet revenge on your sister, first think “2 billion dollars.” It will help, because she is worth much more than that.


2 Responses to “Investing”

  1. 1 Rona September 2, 2006 at 3:49 am

    you are kidding right? Tim? I think you have just reached a new weird level.

  2. 2 lois September 6, 2006 at 2:13 am

    dude. is ‘louie’ me?
    ARGHH. lois > louie.
    wait that means greater than.
    never mind.
    but yeahh. you get the point.

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