Andrew Found a Lost Dog, but that has nothing to do with this post.

Howdy chums. So I’m reading my friend Darren’s blog, and he can rant on and on about his day and make it sound so COOL. I can’t do that. If I rant about my day I just sound dumb. So instead I’m going to rant about about things I like and why I like them.

I like dogs because they are fun creatures and generally very happy.

I like food because it makes me feel satisfied.

I like working out because it helps me burn off all that food that made me satisfied.

I like people because they are interesting and friendly.

I have taken a liking to cut off the sleeves on my T-shirts because it reduces the “farmers tan” and increases your range of motion.

That was a farmer.

I also like pool, because it is fun and satisfying. I wish you all would play. The billiard hall I go to is safe. And I’m not very good so it’s fun for everyone.

I like to write in my blogs, because it’s nice to have a journal of my own thoughts, and I like the fact that people can read this. It’s like my authobiography.

She sucks and got surgery! Go home, slug.

I like seeing a really funn random video that’s not really suppose to be funny… but is. Like the Shi Fu Tom Keen (I forget his name) breaking a coconut with his palm skillz.

I like people with skillz that killz.

I like Medievia but I need to play more.

I like dancing but I need to get better.

I like the little folk. Basically, any folk younger than I.

I like the older folk, too.

Oh yeah, I like having work. Hire me.

I like the new GAIM Beta! (gaim-2.0.0beta3.1.exe), you’ll thank me later.

BUT YOU KNOIW WHAT I DONT AKLLIKE!?! So this guy in service on Sunday totally was distracting me because he kept on getting up and running around during the sermon. SHAME! Moving and running like a hyperactive rodent. He looked older too, in high school I think. I was so aggitated that I wanted to just tap him on the shoulder and have a talk with him.

Anyways on my way out I bumped into him because we were both throwing away trash. I saw Richard picking on trash, so I went to help throw away so garbage as well. “Wow,” I said. I was a little surprised. He was also throwing away papers the kids had left on their seats. I was caught off guard because I was thinking that if I saw this punk, I would tell him what was on my mind.

“… Thanks for being helpful,” I said awkwardly. I felt a humbled. What a tart I have become. I’ll still let him know if I see him though, but with a different attitude 😀

“Be humble or be humbled.” Yeah, I need to be much humble… and admit I have many wrong attitudes that need to change. You know how you have friends that often do things that kind of get on your nerves? Well everyone has those. I think for me, I need to be less prejudice, not be racist, and not say funny things that are rude and often mean/disrespectful.

Enjoy your day.


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