New Home

School has not started, so the past week has been a lot of movie watching, punching (we have a punching bag), exercise, moving, and eating. Basically, it’s kind of like 0 week of freshman year because I’ve moved into my dream apartment (technically a condo). This place is… very nice. On Monday, we already got a notice for locking our bikes in the stairwell. On Wednesday we smoked out the kitchen trying to barbecue some meat (youtube video to come eventually). And every night people come over to play Smash Bro’s on our TV. Lot’s of things happening.

 I am sadly anticipating when school picks up and my life will become ghetto and student-like. Or maybe it will keep on being unbelievable fun all year long! I doubt it though. I have to prepare myself for:

being tired…

being hungry…

being hungry…

being poor…

being bored… (i.e. practicing violin).

Although I love living here with my frionds!


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