This weekend was fun. Wednesday night we left Los Angeles at around 9pm, and arrived home-home at 3am. It sure is nice to be home. Thursday we had a thanksgiving dinner at our manor and friday we went to “Evil-land” (unscramble the letters) to visit my step cousins. My cousin was working on a small pyramid for her science project. I grabbed some clay and constructed a Chinese Terracotta soldier.

Almost identical to the figure on the left

Well anyways, I met some kind of other step relative who is happa and attends MSJ. That was quite rad.

Speaking of Friday, it was a good day… I got a bunch of clothes which should last me a while. It’s super easy shopping for men’s clothing on Black Friday, no competition 🙂
I think this is my third year where I have excused myself from the tech-store-madhouses. Not that I don’t get to reap the benefits (thanks dad, jon). Heh heh heh. A goofy challege I encountered with clothes buying was balancing nice-ness with wearability. Some clothes look nice, but if they are too fragile or “too nice,” I don’t want to wear them. Buying wisely requires a critical mind (unless its cheapie t-shirts, boxarrs, sockums etc)! Actually, not really. Ruh ohs… my family is watching a movie, got to go. God bless.


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