Times change, pants too

When I was in elementary school, I would wear whatever clothes were given to me. I don’t know what sizes I wore during those times.

In middle school, I wore big t shirts and big pants. I think M, L’s shirts and 30 or 30+ waist pants. I had to wear a belt. Maybe It was a nineties thing, I’m not sure.

During high school my clothes got a little smaller. My feet also stopped growing. I think at some point someone gave me a size small shirt. I thought, “What? I’m a size small?” Before I bought my tuxedo, I had to rent one at one time. I asked the clerk if they had a smaller pant size, and he told me that anything smaller would be in boys sizes.

A year ago I got a pair of pants that were size 29. That’s as small as they come-or so I thought until last week. I found a nice pair on sale, and they fitted well. Fitting correctly without a belt: the waist size was 28.

Isn’t that odd, a person who wears smaller clothes as he grows up?

BTW, I updated my blogger.


1 Response to “Times change, pants too”

  1. 1 Andrew Wong February 11, 2007 at 1:48 am

    Interesting observation Tim!

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