Hello, it is now late February. A number of great and interesting things have happened since I last posted a video link of the ninja turtles. Hopefully you understand that my life is much more interesting than just dumb videos.

Actually, wait-never mind- my life really is super boring. Ruh-oops. But these past few weeks have be boringnot.

I mean, …NOT boring.  I went to Long Beach for a Christian conference where MacArthur and Piper preached (there were other very good speakers, but you wouldn’t recognize their names. At least in my circle of friends who read this). Resolved.org is where you can look at more information, pictures, sermon downloads, etc.

I also saw Pumping Iron, the awesome documentary about bodybuilders in the 1970s.
Anyways, I had my junior recital which went well.
Now I’m going to go finish some assignment that has again to do with Sex/Homosexuality/Music.


1 Response to “February”

  1. 1 kevinsung February 28, 2007 at 7:54 pm

    Is that the one with Arnold?

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