Birds and Hickey

Today a strange thing happened to me. After rolling out of bed, I went downstairs to let Sam in. On my way to the screen door I noticed a lot of fluff and feathers on the ground, which was really weird because just the day before I swept the floor clean of debris around the bird cage.

We have two caged birds in the living room, Hallelujah and Amen. One is fat and grey, and the other is yellow. I’m not sure which goes by which name. Don’t ask me why they’re named that, I guess I have very charismatic parents. So anyways, I saw all this bird fluff on the ground and was really confused. I went to the garage to get the broom and pan and I began to sweep… the I realized that THERE WAS ONLY ONE BIRD IN THE CAGE!!!

I called my dad at work to ask whether he had done anything with the animal. “No…” he said. “Did it die or something?”

Just at the moment the bird in the cage make a sound, and I hear the missing bird’s voice call back in an adjacent room. I wrapped up the conversation and immediately I desperately implored Sam to get in the garage. I couldn’t run the terrible risk of him first finding the bird. Quickly, I followed the birds call into the living room, where I found the fat grey menace awkwardly perched by the window. Somehow, by some bizarre miracle, it was able to squeeze through some crack in the cage and escape into the living room. I have no way to explain how it got out, except that it must have been pretty raucous and frantic evidenced from the feathers on the floor. The cage was totally intact and appeared undisturbed.

So after much cajoling l got the grey bird back into the cage. There was much reconciliation.

Another incredibly odd thing that happened to me today has to do with my violin mark. I went to walk to a friend’s house in the afternoon, and put some sunscreen on my mark because a doctor had recommended it to me. Supposedly, the reason why the violin hickeys become dark is that there is when skin is irritated it tans more easily. I don’t know if this is true or not but regardless, I put some sun screen on my mark. Big mistake. Big, ugly, hickey mistake.

Earlier that morning I had practiced for maybe two hours. While at my friends house I looked his violin over just to check it out. I made some minor adjustments and played on it for only a few minutes. When I got home I saw my hickey in the mirror and guess what… yeah, that’s right, my hickey was out of control. Like even I was freaking out and I see this madness day in, day out. Evidently, the sunscreen must have caused some reaction, or my friend’s violin has some serious germ issues, or maybe the sunscreen had germ issues. In either case it was bad. I got some soap and started scrubbing. I stole my sister face scrubbing Neutrogena stuff and started scrubbing my poor hickey for dear life.

Now it’s a lot better, praise God.

This is yet another lesson in humility regarding the frailty of the human body!


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