Music and Academics

After complaining to my brother in the car about enrolling in, yet again, more extremely lame music history classes that I didn’t need, he started to lecture me how he never did this or that while in school and how he only took classes that he needed. I was somehow convinced (I’m not going to give you credit, Jon) that I shouldn’t be taking “American Popular Song.” I mean the professor is fun and easy going, but I don’t need any more strange lectures on music-sex-culture (UCLA music history dept., what was I thinking?!). So I checked out UrSa for other “interesting” classes to take. I’ll be taking the standard music classes of lessons, chamber music, and orchestra, as well as the following non-music classes.

Leadership Development (Military Science):

I think I could benefit from this class. I think military people have an admirable level of patriotism and character. I have a great admiration for the physical disciplines of military training, and discipline in general.

Screenwriting (Film and TV):

I’m actually interested in this. I don’t even know what will happen in this class. I’m guessing you write. I’m a terrible writer, but really, aren’t most screenplays badly written!?! I would be in good compay. I like Korean movies? I like saying how bad movies are? I like bad Korean movies?

These are my first NON MUSIC classes at school-ever! This is a little scary because honestly, it has been a long while since I did anything academic. Moreover, I am not good at academics. I’m serious. This means I will actually really have to work hard. Hopefully, my appreciation for the material will outweigh my lack of academic capabilites.

Subjects besides music totally fascinate me. I remember reading my old roommates physics book and being completely blown away. Richard knows why water flows in a steady stream out of a jar lined with rubber (something about friction). I think that is very cool. But I have to be honest with myself… I’m a musician not a scholar. A sciencey nerd person once told me that the brain is constantly reconstructing and rearranging itself based on how it is most used. Therefore, musicians are often deficient in many areas. They’re locked up in a room all day practicing, what do you expect.

Music people are quite quirky indeed (those people who don’t practice kind of don’t count because they actually have time to hang out with regular people). There are a small number of us who just live in the dog-pound (i.e. the basement of the music building) so we don’t get much contact with real humans. Life in the pound is unexciting, so we gossip about how weird other students in the pound are. UCLA students are fairly good on the “normal scale” because the school has a lot of different opportunities for non-musical developments. Only a small number of the studentry are what I would consider truly socially incompetent, and only maybe two that I would consider significantly crazy.

So hopefully, by taking these classes I’ll be a less deficient, more rounded individual. Pray for me.


1 Response to “Music and Academics”

  1. 1 littlerichard April 4, 2007 at 7:20 am

    so i was watching that ghetto lab safety video i was telling you about in the car to pasadena, and i remember the fire marshal dude presenting kept on saying things like “hey ok I’m a TOTAL wuss when it comes to science.. all I do is just fight the fire.”

    lamest excuse ever. I think you can do whatever you focus yourself on. If you like science, go for it and learn, baby. learn.

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