I didn’t practice violin tonight as I had hoped. Instead of sleeping right now I’m typing and listening to the Kooks. However, that’s not a bad thing because I spent my day in the company of good fellowship with believers and non-believers. It was a good day. And the Kooks are pretty good too.

I would like to share how God has been moving me to show care for others.

I have had a lot of JOY recently, as I mentioned before. I have the love of Jesus to share. There are a lot of people who need the love of Jesus, and I have been convicted to do practical action to share that love. People need the gospel, that is a given. People however need to know how much you care in order to trust that your witness is genuine. I think there is a similar situation in my own witness to other Christians at school. If you are a believer you have to care about others and you have to show that you care.

I have been starting small. I just talk to people and see how they are doing. It has been so convicting to realize how much of my life is so self-centered. I have been so used to caring about only MY needs Day in, day out, for my whole life! Practice, food, working out, -all for me. Locked up in room practicing violin, but for what? If we say we are followers of Christ, we need to be out in the open actively bearing a genuine witness of the love, compassion, and message of Christ.

God has opened my eyes to see each person as an opportunity. Caring for others takes time. I wish I had more time so I could practice a lot and care a lot. Right now it’s like there’s not enough of both. Maybe I should consider sleeping less.

God’s grace of course is sufficient. If you could please pray for me at your computer screen right now that would cool. Pray for both my love for others and my progress in violin playing.

the kooks


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