Summer Mission Statement

Instead of asking people what their summer plans are, I ask them what their goals are. Because everyone has plans (well most), but a lot of people are without goals. Some people want to get buff, learn how to fight, you know, cool stuff like that. Some people want to grow spiritually. Even cooler.
Each day you grow nearer, or farther away from God. I decided to set up a purposeful direction for a summer of spiritual growth. Honestly, I am very excited. I’m also exited that I know God will grow me in ways I would have never thought of and that could never be planned.

Develop a mission statement, and make goals which are Specific, Measurable, Attainable and Realistic. Make your goals bound by time.

Here’s mine: Make one too! It can be detailed or simple.

My mission this summer is to increase my knowledge of the Scripture and Biblical teachings to equip myself to love God more, so that I can in turn love others more. There are thirteen books on my book list, and I will study them diligently at a rate of more than one book a week. I will finish the OT from Ecclesiastes through Malachi, and continue through the NT at a reasonable pace. In July, I will exegete Philippians. I will meet up with five younger men from June – Sept and encourage them to know God through prayer and the Word. I will stay accountable to a church, to a guys prayer group, and meet up with a mature Christian brother one-on-one. I will humbly rejoice, thank, and worship Christ in prayer because of His glorious, forgiving work on the cross. All these can only be accomplished by the grace of God, and I will depend on Him daily to live in a way that honors His name.


2 Responses to “Summer Mission Statement”

  1. 1 littlerichard June 11, 2007 at 9:46 pm

    cool man, I think I will.
    Is this from your military class?

  2. 2 ctim June 11, 2007 at 11:55 pm

    Yes! The goal making model is pretty much common sense, but it’s good to have a guide to make good goals.

    I think “Mission statements” could be derived orginally from military use. Now organizations like churches, ministries, and corperations use them too.

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