There are new tabbed pages on top: Good News, and Love One Another.

These are writings by Mary Winslow and Octavius Winslow, two people I don’t know from a long time ago. They loved Jesus a lot. They also could write it down in words clearly.

“The more I see of Jesus, the more He opens to me
His loving heart, the deeper is my sorrow for sin.
I lie down in the dust of His feet closer than ever
I did before. I can truly say I abhor myself in dust
and ashes before Him. My heart seems ready to
melt into contrition in view of the ten thousand
thousand sins, willful and aggravating, that I have
committed against Him, who loved me with an
everlasting love, and with loving kindness drew
me to Himself

“Jesus is all that is tender in love.
Jesus is all that is wise in counsel.
Jesus is all that is patient and kind.
Jesus is all that is faithful in friendship.”

“You are to set Christ before you . . .
as your Example to imitate;
as your Fountain to wash in;
as your Foundation to build upon;
as your Fullness to draw from;
as your tender, loving, and confiding Brother and friend, to go to at all times and under all circumstances.”

“Beloved, never forget; and let these words linger
upon your ear, as the echoes of music that never die;
in all your sorrows,
in all your trials,
in all your needs,
in all your assaults,
in all your conscious wanderings,
in life,
in death, and
at the day of judgment; you possess… ”

Jesus Christ. It’s totally unreasonable but I can call him my friend. So utterly humbling!


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