Exodus 20:3

“You shall have no other gods before Me.”

Bows need to be rehaired after a while because the long hairs that run along the wood eventually break with use. My bow needed a rehair so I brought it to a Chinese shop in the adjacent town and picked it up the next day. On the way back I got a “minnt condiish” tux jacket for $2. Very quality and perfect fit. Rare. So I left for home feeling great about the jacket and my fixed bow. Listened to a sermon in the car about applying scripture. Felt encouraged.
I got home and tried to tighten my bow, and for some reason there was a noticable lack of tension. In laymans terms, “it were broke.” I called the shop about the problem and they said “don’t worry, bring it in for a look.” I drove back and along the drive I found that I was in the process of becoming irritated.

While trying my best to “think rightly,” I carefully evaluated: why am I becoming upset?
I had been studying idolatry so I tried to apply what I had been learning and talking to God about. Don’t I know I can trust him, not worry, and be content and full of joy with my situation? What about my circumstance was causing me to sin and be dissatisfied when I should be worshiping God, who is God? It wasn’t time, money or being wronged personally… I arrived to the shop and dropped off the bow. They said that the craftsman put an incorrect length of hair on the bow and would fix it later… felt all right. I got in the car and continued my introspection. Thought a bit more.

How can you mess up a rehair?

I guess I just get upset when people eff with my instrument.

How can you mess up something as simple as a bow rehair? Then I realized that God sovereignly allowed such a mistake. It was an act of sanctifying grace, and answer to prayer for him to show me the idols in my life. As random as this sounds, it was an idol of materialism pertaining to the state of my instrument. This is shamefully music-nerdy but it’s true. I have conditioned myself to be overy protective and meticulous about the state of an assembled bunch of lifeless and expensive pieces of wood. This is such a freakishly random area-I would have never have thought of it being an “idol.” That’s how covertly hidden they are. wow. More idols to come, I’m sure. God has great ways of humbling people. Thank You for sanctifying grace.


1 Response to “Exodus 20:3”

  1. 1 benjamindu June 21, 2007 at 2:39 pm

    thanks for the honesty, tim. i’m also learning a lot about idols in my life.


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