Fitness, Church, and the Holy Spirit

Fitness: I bought an exercise ball and sand bags. It’s less than $3 for 60 lbs. of sand! Jon Pham suggested naming my bag Bob. My parents think I’m pretty weird. “What are you going to do? Roll around with it?” It is different from moving Iron because the sand is a little unstable. Your hands have to work. Oh and my mom loves the exercise ball.

Church: I go to this small church in Mountain View now. It’s called GBF. This Sunday was my 2nd time attending and we all went to the park after service. We played croquet and volleyball, it was great. We also have Bible studies on Fridays which I particularly enjoy. Last week we had a Biblical study on “Pneumatology.”

Holy spirit: We learned that the Spirit is deity and is a person that performs personal acts. The Bible says that he teaches, reproves, speaks, guides, grieves, and prays for you and me. Even cooler, he is with believers. Knowing that the Holy Spirit is a person working in every Christian has really helped me pray. It’s also exciting to see the spirit at work.


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