I stop by my counselor’s office to greet him from time to time. His name is Mr. Bradley, and he helps a lot of people. I noticed that no one drops by to say hi to him, so I started doing that. Unknown to me, Mr. Bradley recommended me for a scholarship! The Lord is good, and must have directed his heart to help me! So I will be getting a special scholarship and the cumulative amount of what I will receive is beyond my need! This means I have less to think about and more time to serve. Another way in which God is made to look good – it is purely by his grace. Thank you God for this expression of grace! :]

I had some music/Christian fellowship today. My friend is a jolly Armenian who plays piano and uses facebook a lot. We played a Mozart and Beethoven Sonata, drank Armenian yogurt milk and ate his mom’s food. I also found out that he has relatives on both sides that attend Grace Community Church. It was enriching doing the music stuff, even with our limited skills and intellect. I can talk to him about music AND God because he is a believer! You’re reading this, aren’t you… yeah God bless you.


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