Things, I got to go

Hi everyone, I thought I should update really fast because I haven’t for a while and a lot has happened since I last wrote. For one thing, I got a job working cars at an Acura garage. I valet, but I also do other slave work. It’s HARD! I got in big trouble the other day. And I come home so filthy that I shower with my clothes on! But I’ve learned so much through it… how to say “I love you Jesus” when you are in trouble and at a breaking point. When the pressure is on is when it really takes guts to give it to Jesus and for real walk the talk. Because honestly, it’s not always easy to clothe the gospel when things are crazy. To trust in His faithfulness and praise Him still, and depend on the Holy Spirit through everything. That’s why it’s good to be uncomfortable sometimes, it makes us cling to Christ. Anyways, God really has been faithful in helping me out and encouraging me admist the crazyness.

Speaking of God, I am going to a God focused camp tomorrow. Need prayer. I really don’t have time to write anymore because I need to prepare things for tomorrow and also I want to practice a little before I sleep. Blessings.


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