I spent this last week in “deep”-norcal for a jr high Christian Bible camp as a counselor. God did a lot this week. Thank you for prayers. By God’s grace I had a brother from GOC (David) and a guy named Barnabas from AZ to co-counsel our cabin. At first I didn’t recognize David’s name on the roster (oops) but It was a huge blessings to work with him, a tenth year veteran at camp. Barn at first I thought was a little odd, but he is weird for the glory of God. God provided me with a co-couselors who also really knew camp well. That was a blessing.

So for many campers, cbm is a highlight of their year and a very influential part of their Christian lives. It was VERY unlike the conferences and retreats that I grew up with. There is a strong emphasis on individual discipleship and teaching the kids about the gospel. One thing that really moved me was to just listen the campers sing praise songs about the gospel and Jesus Christ (we sang plenty of goc songs). I couldn’t get my head around it. To hear them sing really expressed to me how God indeed is wonderful beyond comprehension. Also, at the end of camp the students shared things they had learned and commitments they had made. It was amazing to see what kind of work God did in their lives. God moves, changes, grows, and teaches youth for his glory… too cool for my little mind.

The other counselors really loved God and loved youth (that’s why they were there) so that was encouraging to see them exercise their gifts to serve the campers. Well, can’t wait for next year. Maybe I can do two weeks!




1 Response to “Camp”

  1. 1 Barnabas August 10, 2007 at 7:48 pm

    yes im wierd!!! haha. IT was great counseling with you! (see you next year yah??) take it easy and don’t forgot to glorify God allllll day long…

    p.s. dont get david mad he is CRAZY!!!

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