Wash your car / God is holy

Most people do not know this, but you might. If you do, that’s cool, props. You can keep your car newer looking if you wash and wax it. Some cars are really old but they still look nice and new… so take care of your car. If you need help, I can wash it for you. Be a good steward of what God has blessed you with.

clean and shiny
See how the car is reflective? If your paint is in good shape, when your car is very clean and waxed it will be reflective and shiny.

Wash in the shade. And use a lot of soap. Rinse. Wash twice if you want. Stay shaded so you have time to dry the vehicle.

Dry your car. You can use chamois or any ordinary beach towel. You want to get rid of the water droplets. If the droplets are very tiny, which will happen because you can’t soak up all the water, it’s ok, it will evaporate without leaving a trace. If you do not dry your car, you will probably have water spots.

Water spots are said to be caused by mineral deposits left over after evaporation or the sun baking your paint on the water spot. If you dry your car, you will not have streaks or water-spots, and your car and windows will look great. Severe water spots can be permanent, and must be rubbed out.

Get rid of scuffs and stains. If you have surface level scuffs, they can be removed with Rubbing Compound. It’s a mildly abrasive putty. It rubs a tiny bit of paint away, so it can make faded paint look better and can fix scuffs (if you have scuffs on your side-view mirrors, this is perfect). There are a lot of these types of products at the auto store. Bug cleaner too…clean your bugs!! There are also other milder surface scratch removers. After this step. Wax yo car.

Wax yo car. If you don’t remember waxing your car, wax your car. If water doesn’t bead on your car, but instead forms blobs of water, wax your car. It’s easy. Your car will look newer. How to choose wax. Have clean rags. You can use an old, clean t shirt. Oh btw Jon, I tore up your y2k t shirt for the car.

Clean the inside of your car man! If you can’t vacuum the interior, hose down your mats. Clean the fabric with fabric cleaners. Then go to the auto store and buy some rubber mats to save you from future stains. Wipe off dust, and try to clean any stains on the seats. Especially on your plastic and leather, you gotta clean spills man… the sun will bake your seats differently on a stained area and it will be either hard or impossible to fix. Always clean sooner rather than later just to be safe.

While washing, here is something to think about.
Something found in R.C Sproul’s book, the Holiness of God. Holiness does not just mean purity, but to be a “cut apart.” God is a cut above and apart from us. He is much more powerful and wise and pure. At God’s very word, He created the heavens and the earth. That is the God we serve.

This particular Bible story struck me: When Peter and a bunch of “pre-disciples” were fishing, Jesus told them to cast their nets on the other side of the boat to actually catch some fish. That’s kind of funny, but anyways, they did it reluctantly, and as a result caught so much fish that their nets started breaking. Peter realized that he was in the presence of the Christ and “he fell down at Jesus’ feet, saying, “Go away from me Lord, for I am a sinful man!”

That’s cool. God is holy. We can’t stand such holiness. Even though we are sinful and messed up, through Christ we can still please God.


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