Hosanna, make a shaker

“Hosanna, hosanna
Hosanna in the highest”

Get that song on ruckus!

I was just reading today a dedication in J.M.’s Galatians commentary: to Chris Parkening, the classical guitarist. So I believe music is just music… unless it is worship music, or unless its excellence is appreciated in a way to enjoy God’s work (secular music can then become worship music). I think this is especially true for instrumental music that displays a lot of good things, which shadow the goodness of God. Like Mozart! Even though he was not a Christian, his music utilizes principles from God’s creation to sound good. Some Rock bands do this too. But back to straight up worship music-here is something great we learned about music in church a few weeks ago:

Singing spiritual songs is a result of the being filled with the Holy Spirit (Eph 5). So if you’re a Christian you will make music (psalm) and sing as a result of God working through you. So music isn’t just music if you are a Christian. Its fruit. Cool, isn’t it?

On a completely different note, I made a shaker today. Like a percussion shaker. Apparently, the fancy ones you get at the store are merely glorified metal containers. So I thought I can just do that myself.

How to make a shaker. A cool shaker:
1) Procure a metal tennis ball container, uncooked rice, and decorative materials (I used spay paint, but use what you want).
2) Grind the rice a bit in an appropriate blender.
3) Clean container, decorate canister and cap as you wish.
4) Put rice in container, and shake.

At first I made it silver with red drippings. Then I thought as cool as this seems, it might be too violent for some conservative folks. So now it’s silver with only a little red dripping.

Well have fun, blessings.


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