“Food is a gift from God to be enjoyed. And God is eager to give us grace to exercise self-control and glorify Him when we eat.”

The body is a complex system. Common sense shows that high quality fuel makes the body run better.

I think everyone can benefit from eating nutrient-dense foods. I remember reading a while back: “When I see food, I see bricks and [muddy garbage]” You want to put bricks in your stomach to help you, not mud. This applies to big and litter eaters. Even if you are trying to cut down, you must take care of your diet by eating balanced meals. Sometimes people try strange diets like only eating nuts and water or something. These methods are largely unsuccessful after weeks of nuts. Also it is not balanced. It would be much better to eat less in general, but still consume a balanced meal of nutrient dense foods.

Junk foods generally should be restricted for Americans, but I think such foods can be enjoyed in moderation, unless it is clearly “junk” and will do you obvious harm (like drinking syrup). In fact, by eating a good balance of food, you could give yourself an allowance for a moderate amount of nutritionally bankrupt “mud” food. Try to find nutrient dense foods that can taste good and can substitute your junk. It’s hard. Remember that self-control is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, so know that He will help you. Check out Fitday if this interests you. Plug in your regular diet, and you will be able to identify which foods are working the best for you.

Finally, direct your diet to Christ. He made the body, taste, and food. With every brick, dedicate yourself to the glory of Christ. Sounds weird, but that’s only because they don’t talk about diet in church very often.

“If we diet only to improve our appearance or reach a personal goal, we are no more pleasing God than if we indulged our every desire for food. Not eating for vanity’s sake is as sinful as gluttony for appetite’s sake.”

On a completely unrelated note, I learned how to use a sewing machine. I sewed up my t-shirt.


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