“What do I value more than salvation?”

Things have been good at school. Things have shifted in priority, and I use my time differently now. But I must say, God continues to be gracious. Every day is a gift, full of ways to please Him. Unfortunately, I sin. But fortunately, I’m forgiven.

I’ve started applications for UCLA and USC. I’ll apply to a few more schools. I’m not sure which school I will end up in, but God will have His way, I’m sure of it.

Just yesterday I met a few Christians from GCC who study at USC. They seemed like excellent people, so dedicated and hungry for the word that they came to UCLA just to hear Justin, our shepherd, preach. Cool.

Funny things happen but I never remember them. Here’s one, yesterday I was studying and Richard convinced me that there was something “urgent” enough for me to interrupt my studies. There was a cockroach on the staircase. They didn’t want to touch it (I think). Not wanting to get bug-guts on the carpet, I beat it gently with a napkin. Then we killed it on the hard-wood. Yum.

Good night!


1 Response to ““What do I value more than salvation?””

  1. 1 edchao November 11, 2007 at 3:27 am

    wait, what does all this have to do with the title? tim!

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