This is a really random thing to do. Oh well, enjoy. : All Christians should have this cool, free program! It is a Bible study tool where you download commentaries, dictionaries, and different translations into this program. It’s cool to have. And once you have it, actually use it. : Bible online. Word of God, pixilated. : Nasb online with amplified version and greek info. The verses layout is easy to read. : Sermon teaching streamed from GBF in Mountain View. Very Biblical and practical. I like that. : a lot amazing texts. Books, quotes, and sermons, online. Some of those quotes art something else… convenient and perfect for uneloquent individuals like me. This site has J.C. Ryle books online. : the ministry John Piper serves in. Read his books, free, online. Cool. Sermons too as you know. : this site looks 90’s old-school, but it has Jonathan Edwards sermons, Spurgeon goodies, and J. Mac Q&A stuff that offers insights on a wide variety of topics. Oswald Chambers devotional online. This English dude loved God. : Evangelism web-site. Free tracts, lessons, and other cool tools for evangelism. These tracts are very good because they have the gospel on John as part of the tract. FREE baby. : Evangelism web-site with a lot of information, evangelism Q&As, cool vids. Kirk Cameron goes to GCC. Legit. : Phil Johnson works with Jmac. He is a very intelligent Bible teacher. Smart and critical GCC guy. : If you want to be big, physically, go here and learn. This is about physical exercise and is not a Bible related website. You can get big for the kingdom though (1 Cor 10:31). This is still a resource, alright!! : This is a really fantastic site about weight training for women. But for men, this is also an interesting read. : Funny name. I found this site while searching up fitness terms. This is a very academic site… but has a wealth of detailed info. It’s copied from a bunch of U.S. Military writings on fitness. There is a lot of good, basic info on fitness, and it is explained in ordinary terms.


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